Omcean Booking


Utilize digital tools to reduce manual operations and improve work efficiency, let the system handle reservations, cancellations, and purchasing of courses or services 24/7.

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Point System

Charge for courses or services based on your preference: session count or points. The point billing system also supports rechargeable options.

Course E-Contract

Protect the rights of both businesses and customers with electronic contracts regulating transactions. Different contracts can be applied to different courses and services. Customers will see the policy of the business upon booking and must agree to complete the reservation.

Waitlist and Automatic Reservation

You can set the waitlist as you prefer: automatic reservation from waitlist or push notifications for any availability. It effectively improves attendance and never wasting any slots.

Online Classes

Integrate online video conferencing software into the reservation system. All scheduled classes or services will automatically generate unique a link and send an invitation to customers who have made reservations to join the meeting.

Line Bot

The reservation system is integrated with LINE official account, allowing customers to view official messages, purchase, and make reservations directly through LINE.

Google Calendar Integration

Do you manage your schedule through Google Calendar? Sync your bookings with your personal schedule to your Google Calendar, and view all appointment information in the interface you're familiar with, integrating your management platform and reducing workload.

Class Reminders

Automatically send attendance reminders before the class starts. This greatly increases attendance rates and effectively manages the risk of late cancellations by customers, effectively eliminating no-shows.

Automatic Email

Save time from making calls or sending messages. The system automatically reminds customers of various affairs. Users who do not use the app can also receive email notifications. Customize welcome messages of registration, purchase receipt, and class change notifications tailored to your customers.

In-App Notifications

Stay on top of the latest updates. When customers make purchases or bookings, you can receive notifications through your phone, tablet, or computer and view them, preparing based on customer bookings at any time.

Attendance and Roll Call

Set the class to require roll call or preset all bookings as attended based on the operation mode of the business. Mark those who have made reservations but are no show as absent, and customers can check their booking history at any time and anywhere.

Suspend Customer booking

The system will automatically block any absent customers from making online reservations, you can customize the rule of no-show restriction setting.

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